We are a company that sells and buys refurbished nursing beds.

We support a pleasant and meaningful nursing care for everyone.


why our customers choose Okasei

6 reasons

Comprehensive hygiene management

Our company handles refurbished nursing beds and mattresses that have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Please use our products with ease.

Long-term warranty with top-class support in the industry

We are confident with our products and provide a six-month warranty, the longest warranty period in the industry! Please rest assured that we will provide our best support when needed.
*Excluding some items

We deliver to any location in Japan.

We deliver our product to the room of your choice without causing any burden to you.
*The standard shipping fee is for delivery to the first floor of a single-family home, and for delivery to apartments and condominiums, it is necessary to have an elevator that can accommodate the bed.
*Please contact us for the installation and delivery to hard-to-reach locations, such as the remote islands and mountainous areas.

Returns or exchanges are OK!

We accept product exchange or return within 3 days after the product arrives.
Please note that the customer will bear the return shipping cost.

We pick up your bed when it is no longer needed!

We promise to assist you when you want to discard the nursing bed that you purchased from us when you do not need it any longer.
If the product still functions normally and has no damages, we will take it back or purchase it from you.

More than 1,200 units are in stock

We currently have around 1,200 units ready to be delivered from our company's warehouse.
We are confident that we can prepare a bed that meets your needs!

We are a company that sells and buys refurbished nursing beds.


France Bed Human-care Bed (2 Motors)

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PARAMOUNT BED Rakusho S (3 Motors)

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PARAMOUNT BED Kyumaaura (3 Motors)

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PARAMOUNT BED 3 Motors, Central lock, 10cm, with caster

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France Bed Human-care Bed (3 Motors)

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Founding Spirit

My wife's grandmother had to live in our house after her husband was suddenly hospitalized.
It was because she lived in our house that our company, which was in the business of general recycling shop, changed into a company that specializes in nursing bed.
She was 98 years old at that time. Although she looked healthy, she required "nursing care level 3" and needed care for almost every aspect of her daily life.
My mother and wife had to use their whole bodies to lift her from her futon that was laid on the tatami mat. They had to bend their waists to change her clothes, and she required assistance even to turn over. Providing such care in challenging postures caused my wife and mother to feel severe pain on their hips, shoulders, and arms.
Our grandmother also suffered from dementia.
My mother and my wife did not get enough sleep, which made them feel exhausted every day. There were a lot of arguments and angry words in our house.
I realized that I had to do something about it. Feeling frustrated, I saw a nursing bed at the corner of my shop that I have forgotten. When we tried using it, all those hardships in providing nursing care from a futon mattress suddenly disappeared. Our grandmother cried happily and thanked me repeatedly for that. At that time, I realized, "She was the one who endured this hardship the most." I remember that my mother and wife cried while rubbing our grandmother's back. From that day on, her face became bright and calm, and everyone in the house started smiling again.
The hardship from giving nursing care is, of course,
not only from the physical burden. However, we can feel more comfortable and be at ease when the physical load is reduced. When the stress of the caregiver is relieved, everyone can smile!
I want to help everyone who feels worried about nursing care. I believe that we can send some help because we have experienced the difficulty of nursing care.
After that, I was determined and decided to start a business specializing in nursing beds.

Management Philosophy

We nurture our employees,contribute to customers,serve the society,and bring happiness to everyone  through our refurbished nursing bed business.

Mission and Purpose

We give our best to develop human resources and provide physical and mental happiness to everyone with the spirit of "Learning Together".
We support all who need nursing care and their families to bring smiles in their families.
We thrive on contributing to the nation, region,and society and continuously improve our existence value through our nursing bed business.
We contribute to the country with our active and appropriate tax payments,and always achieve a strong financial position.

Code of Conduct

We will build a positive relationship and care for each other the whole day today.
We will act with discipline and learn humbly to grow better the whole day today.
We will always give our best and think and act proactively in good or bad situations.

Contribution to Society

Okasei provided a free nursing bed rental service as an activity to support the reconstruction of disaster areas during the Kumamoto and Oita earthquake that occurred on April 14, 2016.
We sent nursing beds to many evacuation centers and were welcomed happily by many customers.

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